Unconscious or SUPER-conscious?

Everyone knows that there’s an underlying facet of our thoughts, which we discover troublesome to affect. Fashionable psychology calls it the unconscious thoughts. That is have been our bodily processes are regulated, together with our psychological well being. Recollections and knowledge are saved, biochemical reactions are initiated and reflexes are strengthened. Nonetheless, is the identify unconscious acceptable?

Consciously, we’re in a position to utilise, a fraction of our psychological capability. It is true that at numerous occasions of the day numerous facet of the mind will change into lively, relying on neurological exercise, nonetheless, the argument stays, that our degree of acutely aware capabilities stay minimal. The brief time period reminiscence of a median mind can maintain 7±2 bits of knowledge, the typical size of a cellphone quantity.

The subconcious thoughts then again processes and filters 1000’s, if not, thousands and thousands of stimuli every second, bringing to consciousness solely these which are momentarily related. On the identical time, regulating hormonal ranges, physique temperature, cell regeneration, dietary assimilation, digestion, oxygen/CO2 ranges and blood circulation, simply to call just a few.

So then, is it justifiable to create a hierarchical understanding of cognitive operate? In spite of everything, the existence of the unconscious has by no means been scientifically confirmed.

In my view, a extra acceptable distinction between the various points of cognitive capabilities could be acutely aware and super-conscious. This isn’t to say that the super-conscious is superior to the acutely aware thoughts, it easy illustrates the divine capabilities achievable by utilising the super-conscious, in unison with the acutely aware.

The super-conscious facet of your Self is, in different phrases, the God facet of your Self. To attach with the super-conscious is kin to connecting with god. It is a widespread prevalence for many, while you’re dreaming. Nonetheless, a lack of information within the dream state, results in a turbulent God-Self connection.

This results in the method of lucid dreaming, and astral projection, whereby while in a state of dreaming/trance the initiator is ready to navigate by the subjective realm and up-regulate super-conscious operate. This method has been practiced by EVERY native tradition recognized to man. The provoke is usually referred to as the Shaman, a mediator between the subjective (energetic) and goal (bodily) realms. By means of cross-navigation the Shaman is ready to heal, foresee future occasions, entry ancestral data and commune with spirit guides.

Utilizing the trendy understanding of dimensional layers, developed by quantum physics, we are able to achieve an understanding of how that is attainable. As our vibrational frequency elevated past the third dimension we have now the flexibility to concurrently see into the long run and previous, to not point out commune with pan-dimensional vibrations/spirits.

Incorporating the Kamitic (Historical Egyptian) system of religious cultivation, as talked about in Ra Un Nefer Amen’s “Metu Neter,” mantra’s and states of trance are key to re-connecting to, and influencing, the super-conscious and the life-circumstances you consciously expertise in consequence.

As all the time, sending forth my unconditional love

Unconscious or SUPER-conscious?