Chakra healing

Is there a simple way to healing chakras?

Published August 19, 2011 by Slawomir Mika | Category: Spiritual Healing | Comments (10)

I like to post on this blog practical advice. Today will be about chakras. I think you’ll love dealing with chakras. When you feel it here you are the source of healing here and you should focus your energy.

Working on your chakras you manage a lot. They will cure ailments from which people could not get free.

Each such success increasingly convinces you that spiritual healing works. But is there a simple way to healing chakras? One that does not require any special science? Of course, there is. Always worth a go in the direction of simplicity. Spiritual development is to be simple, easy and give you a lot of joy. If you tire develops, it is a sign that you are doing something wrong. Spiritual Development does not require effort and abandon the effort. Spiritual Development does not require suffering and resignation of suffering.

As regards the chakras problems may be two.

1. chakra is still underdeveloped

2. chakra is blocked / disturbed / closed

Chakra healing

In each of these cases does something else. In the first, performed exercises to develop chakra. In the second exercise is carried out releasing the lock, harmonizing and chakra cleansing.

There are a few exercises that work in the first and second case.

One such exercise is as follows:

Put your debates to the public (usually right) hand on their choice chakra. The right hand will energetyzowałą chakra. Imagine that with each breath into this chakra affects pure radiant energy of a color that corresponds to this chakra.

Base chakra – red

Chakra Belly – orange

Solar plexus – yellow

Heart chakra – green and pink

Throat chakra – blue

Third Eye Chakra – dark blue (indigo)

The crown chakra – purple and white

These colors you can use and work.

With every breath you breathe into this chakra light of that color. With each exhalation utter the words, “Thank you, that now this chakra so wonderful opens, heals, purifies”

You can also repeat exhale feature for the realization of the chakras.

Chakra healing

Here I wrote you the important features of realization:

Chakra base – health, innocence, power

Chakra Belly – security

Solar Plexus Chakra – forgiveness, wealth

Heart chakra – love, trust, openness,

Throat Chakra – the ease, lightness, freedom, spontaneity

Third Eye Chakra – the wisdom of peace

The crown chakra – beauty, simplicity

Exhale utter realization that characteristic that you want to happen. Of course you attribute that corresponds to your chosen chakra.

It’s simple, but it works very well.