Noah, the Ark, and Larger Consciousness

This week I wish to tackle a narrative within the Bible that all of us discovered as kids. It’s the story of Noah and the ark. For these of us who have not studied a lot historical historical past, this story seems—beneath completely different names with barely completely different variations—within the historical past of cultures throughout a number of continents. So what’s the actual that means of this common story?

The literal rendition of this story yields some fairly wonderful and extremely inconceivable occasions. Think about being tossed round in a ship for forty days and forty nights sitting on an ocean that lined the best mountains on earth. Not solely would the air be so skinny that it will be unattainable to breathe, however you’ll actually freeze to dying since Mt. Everest sits at about 30,000 ft. At its summit, temperatures can drop to 60 under zero, and in the summertime it by no means will get above freezing. Escape the oxygen tanks and thermal blankets!

So what’s this story all about, anyway? Was it actually a judgment from God condemning all of the folks on earth to a watery grave aside from Noah, his household, and the animals? Or is there a deeper non secular that means the Biblical writer would love us to stroll away with? For many who are spiritually and consciously prepared, I feel the later is so as.

I wish to level out one thing for my readers who nonetheless is perhaps frightened by the phrase “esoteric” that retains popping up in my weblog submit. Many are beneath the impression that this phrase signifies secret educating, however that is probably not the case. Jesus acknowledged the dominion doesn’t come by commentary as a result of it’s “inside” you! Now apply this similar idea to the phrase esoteric. By esoteric I’m merely that means teachings or tales that are supposed to be internalized. The story of Noah and the ark is supposed to be understood the identical manner. The esoteric rendering of this story can educate us a lot about the place we have to be regarding our non secular improvement and consciousness.

Many tales and literal buildings within the Bible characterize the human thoughts and mind. In an earlier submit I confirmed how Ezekiel’s millennial temple, which could be discovered here, is strictly that. The story of Noah can also be symbolic of the thoughts. Earlier than delving into this, let’s briefly assessment the literal story:

On the time of Noah, the earth had turn out to be corrupted. God needed to cleanse his creation, so he devised a plan to flood the earth and rid it of its wickedness. And why was man thought of depraved? Genesis states that man was depraved as a result of his ideas and imaginations have been evil (Gen 6:5). I’ve emphasised the phrase “ideas” within the earlier sentence due to its relevance to the esoteric rendering of this story, which we’ll tackle shortly. However first, it is very important know that one of many meanings for “man” in that very same verse and lots of different verses of Genesis means “low.” The idea here’s a low man, and the evil ideas of the low man within the literal story characterize the decrease or animalistic nature of the thoughts. In Genesis 6:9, we be taught that Noah is the exception. He’s described as a “simply man.” There’s a completely different Hebrew phrase for man right here, and one of many meanings is “excessive.” Noah was a “excessive man” that lived a non secular life as an alternative of an ego-driven one, and so Noah is consultant of a better state of consciousness. Noah’s identify can also be related to all of this. Noah means “relaxation.” That is maybe probably the most important of all, for Noah represents not solely the upper nature of the thoughts, but in addition a thoughts at “relaxation.” A thoughts at relaxation is the state of being which salvation is.

The issue with the decrease ego-driven thoughts is that it’s not very acutely aware; such a thoughts goes by means of life by reacting to conditions as an alternative of performing. The person has little management, and though she or he thinks they’re making their very own choices, they’re often simply performing from emotion and intuition. That is pure for the decrease thoughts. However the story of Noah was written to show us to reside spiritually, not carnally (ego-driven).

Within the literal story the water is purifying the earth by killing all evil ideas and imaginations of man. These ideas and imaginations are the decrease thoughts. Noah, who represents the thoughts at relaxation, rises ABOVE the evil “ideas” under the ark as a result of the flood is a kind of baptism during which the decrease thoughts is cleansed. This state of being brings salvation not solely to himself, however to his household as effectively.

Equally, these in Jesus / WORD/ Christ are saved once they develop Christ consciousness, which represents a state of being. It’s a consciousness transformation.

My article on Adam and Eve and the way that story pertains to consciousness might shed extra gentle on this topic for you. It may be discovered here.

So what do you assume? Are you able to now see how the story of Noah and the ark is one other Biblical instance of the thoughts?

Noah, the Ark, and Larger Consciousness