how to unblock chakras

How to recognize that the chakras are blocked?

To find out if any chakra or several of them were locked and the energy between them is not flowing properly you have to perform a simple test.

Just answer a few questions assigned to each chakra. If the majority of questions remain negative answer, you will have a solution that energy centers must be unlocked.
The first chakra (base)

Do you feel healthy and vitally? Do you feel at home? Do you have a strong will to live? Do you love your body and you think them to be the greatest treasure? Are you a person full of energy and movement?
The second chakra (sacred)

Is everything okay with your sex drive? Did you meet sexually? Do you express yourself sexually? Do you give and receive pleasure?
The third chakra (solar)

You know what you want and you have confidence in yourself? You make decisions on their own? You are aware of your emotions? You are able to control what you feel? Are you emotionally balanced?

The fourth chakra (heart)

You have a healthy relationship? Do you love yourself? Do you love those around you? Do you feel compassion for other living beings? Do you accept others as they are? Can you show willingness to cooperate? Do you engage in what you do?
The fifth chakra (throat)

Is easy to express? Do you think your life as happy? Do you take responsibility for your life? Do yourself solve your problems? Do you think that you are getting a decent wage for their efforts? Do you have enough self-confidence to take risks? Do you like challenges?
The sixth chakra (the third eye)

Are you mentally strong? Do you have the ability to solve problems? Do you have new creative ideas? Do you strive to fulfill your dreams? Do you visualize your goals?
The seventh chakra (crown)

Do you feel that you are something great and wonderful? Do you feel a connection to God and the universe? Do you think that your life has a purpose?
How to unlock the chakras?
how to unblock chakras

During the meditation session, you can resort to the use of return and mantras that are specifically assigned to each chakra. Phrases and mantras, which are mostly one syllable repeated many times, to help in mastering the mind, calming and cleansing.

how to unblock chakras

unblocking chakras


how to unblock your chakras

how to unblock chakras